A Message from Yu-San Moon
Yu-San Moon

Dear Loyal Fans,

Hi. How are you. I am fine.

Welcome to the new Cartoon Infinity.

We are getting back to our roots! FREE independent cartoons! FREE independent films! Everything on this site is 100% FREE!

(...and now with 120% more educational content!)

I am diligently hard at work on a plethora of new content for the site - stay tuned for news on more upcoming interesting and new matieral soon! Until then, why don't you play some PAC-MAN®!

Please keep in touch,

Yu-San Moon

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Don't be a turd...learn a new word!

adj. - a natural swelling, projection, or outgrowth of an organ part, such as the process of a vertebra

noun. - the family classification of certain slime-producing marine animals such as hagfish

verb. - to change into or articulate as a consonant

adverb. - dissimilar or unalike in such a way as to permit the drawing of an analogy

verb. - to announce an unfavorable omen

What we're working on currently...

SESAME SPEECH (short film)

A now irrelevant 2010 short film-parody featuring celebrities and pop-culture icons clashing with mock-versions of the Sesame Street gang. Backdropped against the Sunday Comics, the entire film is hilariously narrated by two quick-witted rival comic book stars, "Smarty-Man" and "Robber-Man".


SERVICED (comic)

A long-running comic series from the mind of Yu-San Moon, brought back to life with the dying breaths of a few more mind-numbing customer service jobs. If you've ever worked in retail or customer service, this series is a must read. Featuring wild, zany customers with insane demands! This series is chock full of retorts you only wish you could say to those certain people that turn a soul-crushing job into another level of hell.


YU-SAN'S REVENGE (short film)

A series of featurettes starring Yu-San's best friend, Marc. Watch Marc squirm as Yu-San exacts his own personal brand of vengeance for his past indescretions against Cartoon Infinity and its affiliates. Featuring some extra material from Yu-San Moon that will leave you scratching your head and wondering how to get back the last half-hour of your life.




Listen, we're picking up what you're putting down. You want more content updated more than once a year. Well, we heard you, and we are doing everything we can to get more of Yu-San's craziness into the hands of the slobbering indie-web community. Here's our promise: if we don't get you content in a timely fashion that YOU deem suitable, send us an email and we'll send you a coupon good for (1) free 5-minute session of online Skype® counseling with Yu-San Moon directly. Void where prohibited.


What's that? You want some continuity to the site? Something congrous and meaningful, instead of a jumbled up mess of conceptual artwork? Okay, sure. I have nothing better to do. *sigh* I'll see what I can do and get back to you.


We know, we love to torture him just as much as you like to see him being pranked. We're doing everything we can to unknowingly get footage of Yu-San and Marc's antics onto the wild, wild world of web for you to point and laugh at!


Do we dare say it? Will there ever be? Well, folks, you read it here first. Yu-San Moon is making a feature film! That's right, Cartoon Infinity is moving from the Interweb to the Silver Screen! Yu-San is pouring over offers from Hollywood studios as we speak! What will it be about? You'll just have to wait to find out!